3 Free Work Home Opportunities

Free Work Home Opportunities

3 Free Work Home Opportunities

It is astounding the amount of information that is out there on the internet. With that comes jobs. Lots of jobs. It takes lots of people to put the information out there. I have dug through some of the different articles people have written and come up with 3 Free Work Home Opportunities you may or may not find interesting

  1. Tutoring - There are websites that allow you to sign up and tutor. Some require you test for a subject before they will allow you to tutor in that subject. It is a great way to work at your own time and from home.
  2. Fiverr - If you really like doing something and want to make a bit of money off of what you do, Fiverr is an excellent place for you. You can set what you will do for someone say, Install WordPress for them. You can set the fee you are going to charge. It's an excellent place to use your talent to make money.
  3. Customer Service Rep - There are so many different companies out there, but I have found that Convergys.com and Sykes.com Both of these companies use home based Customer Service Reps. Pay is usually fairly even market wise as well.

I realize there are pages and pages out there of legitimate work from home jobs. I do not want to insult your intelligence by passing on more of the same information. I have limited this article to these three because I feel that between them all, you should be able to supplement your income fairly well.

Tutoring is a great way to help others grow and learn. Use your talents to help others explore new areas and have fun doing it! You could even offer Internet Marketing classes on Fiverr. I know there are a lot of people who use Fiverr to teach different things. You can also find others who will help you with your site through Fiverr. Perhaps you hate writing content. There are literally TONS of people on Fiverr who will write articles for you.

Customer Service Reps no longer have to go and sit in cubicles all day. Yes, they still have to constantly answer their phone, but you can do it in your PJ's and no one would know.

You just have to decide where you want to go and build your own roadmap! With these 3 Free Work Home Opportunites, I believe you can achieve anything you want!


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