Online Marketing ideas for small business

Online Marketing ideas for small business



Online Marketing ideas for small business

I was rummaging around the web today. I am constantly looking at new articles to do with Online Marketing to get some ideas myself. It takes time
to Market your site online to the point that you get the internet traffic that
you want. So, I have created this Online Marketing ideas for small business
to help you all along.

Marketing plan

The first thing you are going to want to do is create your marketing plan. There are so many ways to market your site, you can have fun choosing which one you feel the most comfortable with and start with it. Dabble into some of the others. Slowly learn each approach until you get the hang of it.  Just remember your plan is going to include things like clarifying who your audience is as well as narrowing your niche.

Material Things

Aside from doing the online marketing, you can start marketing as you run around town. Do something creative like have T-shirts made with your name on it. Make some interesting business cards to hand out. Don't be afraid to talk to people about your business! Share your passion and excitement with others. Make sure you meet other business owners and introduce yourself.

Other Online Marketing Ideas


Like I said, there are so many marketing strategies you could use. Here is a list of some and what you could do with them.

  • Direct Mail - Have some postcards printed up that advertise your business and have it sent out to people in your area. Make sure you use what is known as a "call to action" on the postcard. You can try several different direct mail designs just to see what works better.
  • Social Media Marketing - Get involved in twitter, snapchat, etsy, and facebook. Google Places has a place to list your business as well.
  • Internet Marketing - There is way too much stuff you could to to list them internet_marketinghere in this article. You could do pay-per-click advertising if you have the money to spend on it.  Get involved in other peoples blogs and leave comments. Be sure to sign your site up with Google Analytics. This will allow you to monitor your traffic coming to your site, how long they stay, how many pages they look at etc. Also, we will be covering how to set up Google Analytics in Jumping in head first!
  • Email Marketing - A lot of people use email marketing. They collect as many emails as they can then they start spamming them advertisements etc. I have a hard time personally with Email Marketing because it is so annoying! Once they have your email, you will be spammed forever.
  • Content Marketing - The easiest way to tell you what content marketing is to effective marketingshow you. This particular article you are reading right now is a content marketing post. I will work with it till the SEO is correct and pray that it may brings some traffic to the site. There are tons of SEO tips we will cover another day as well.

Online Marketing ideas for small business

As a website owner, you will spend a lot of time Marketing. You can do it on the internet as well as in public. Make a mix of the two. Get your business cards out there. Find places that let you leave small stacks for people to pick up. I bet if you think for a little bit, you... yourself could come up with Marketing ideas.

My first thought for Marketing here, is to have my daughter at The Dainty Frog Bowtique to make me a t-shirt or two that advertise my site. Once those are made, I am going to crate my business cards to go along with that.

Just set up your own plan and follow it. Don't get discouraged or frustrated. Starting a business takes time. You will run into obstacles and adjust to get around them. Just never give up. I am like John Cena! NEVER GIVE UP!!

by: Eden


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