Should I learn HTML

Should I learn HTML

Should I learn HTML?


Should I learn HTML. In all honesty, that is up to you. As I have learned though, you will run into things that have a programming language and you will be like...  WHAT?

Even as I build out these pages or make corrections, I am having to use some HTML and CSS. While I know this stuff is boring, I want to stress that if you see it now, you will understand what is happening when it does it on your website. Now, I am here to help all of you succeed at your site. So, if you run
into a coding problem you do not understand.

Copy and paste the code. Send it to me at
I will review the code and offer you some suggestions on what to do to fix it.
If this does not work, then I recommend we screen share somehow so that I
can see the problem happening.

With every Course there is  a forum with topics for each lesson. You can place your questions and answers in there as well.

A good example of a screen shot, I am going to use Our second HTML lesson as an example. We haven't really discussed wordpress yet, but you can create your site two ways visually, putting things where you want, or text which is where you code the page instead. Here is a portion of the page and what the back end of that page looks.

HTML Head content


All tags are written with brackets < HEAD >. You have to make sure you put the brackets on each one or it wont
read it. The close tag will always be < /HEAD >. It always contains the / in it, which tells it that is the end
of that section or tag.

The < HEAD > tag is where you put your information on style, meta data, title of your page, scripts that
need to run before page loads and links. I will explain each one in detail.
<h3 style="text-align: center;">&lt;  TITLE  &gt;</h3>
&lt; Title &gt; - This is mandatory for every webpage you create. If you do not use any other tag in your &lt; head &gt; section you will be fine.
As an example we will do this page I am working on.
&lt; Title &gt; HTML Head Content &lt; /Title &gt; The title you list here is what shows up in your browser on the
tab you are on. For example, if you go to, the tab for that page at the top of your browser you will see CNN.

<h3>&lt; Style &gt;</h3>

The &lt; STYLE &gt; area is where we can tell it how to present our page. What font, color, text size, your background color or picture and things like that. It's the fun tag!
A simple example of a &lt; Style &gt; section would look like this:

&lt; Style &gt;
body {background-color: Tan;}
p {
color: Brown;
font-size: 25px;

As you can see, there are a lot of different weird characters in there. I want to introduce you to them so that you will understand what they mean.

Why Should I learn HTML?

The nice thing about the internet is that new options are appearing every day.
Web options such as WordPress and Wix take away the need for all the manual coding needing. A lot of it is standard and can be used right out of the box. However, what happens if something just isn't working quite right or you just can't get something to go where you want it to. How will you know how to fix the issues if you do not have at least a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.

What I am trying to say is, as you make the decision Should I learn HTML, You will understand more of what is happening on the back end. I have to bounce between the visual and the text to make my pages look like I want them to. 

by: eden


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