Can you Increase Motivation?

Can you Increase Motivation?

Can you Increase Motivation?

What drives you to build your business online? Is it because you need the extra income or just because it is something you have always wanted to do but never have yet? Motivation as defined by Webster Dictionary says that motivation is:

  • The act or process of motivation
  • The mental process that arouses an organism to action
  • The goal or mental image of a goal that creates motivation

Now that you know what motivation is, can you increase motivation? How would you do that?

There are three important keys to motivation. Concentrating on all three will help you succeed in all that you do.


Inspiration plays a critical role in keeping you motivated and on track. When I-can-and-I-willyou choose your niche market, you want to be sure to select something that you are very interested in. Make sure it inspires you to continually update the site and build your content.

If you choose a topic that you really are not motivated to work on, you will loose interest quickly. It will be hard to maintain your focus and you will loose track of why you started to begin with. Without inspiration, there is no motivation!

Set your goals

Setting your goals will allow you to have a blueprint of where you are now and where you want to end up. Use it as your road map. Make your goals so that they motivate you to complete. They don't have to be big goals, create tiny steps that slowly lead you to the end result. Be sure to put your goals in a place that you can see them on a regular basis. They will be a constant reminder of where your headed. Is it the dream of being financially free, owning a new gorgeous house or that one car you have always wanted? The goal itself truly doesn't matter. What matters is it makes you want to keep moving forward in a positive motion!


Networking with like minded people can help you becoming successful. In addition to that, they may become your mentor, or better yet, a friend. It is important to get involved in forums. Ask questions, answer questions and pass your knowledge along. This will help you to gain authority. The better you are known for your authority, the higher your site will rank.

Can you increase motivation? Only you can truly answer that question for yourself. However, if you follow the three keys to motivation, you will begin to feel like you have accomplished something important. Isn't that what we all strive for? That great feeling of accomplishment.
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