Start an Online Business for FREE

Start an Online Business for Free

I am hoping you got here because you are wanting to know how to start an online business. OOOps! did I say FREE?

We all know that there is absolutely nothing in LIFE for FREE!

If you have searched the web for hours trying to find out how to Start an online business for free, my guess is, you couldn't. There are so many options out there and most of them are scams.

Please try to be careful when looking into internet marketing and "how to do sites". If they offer tools that will " DO IT ALL," RUN! Very often these sites will try to convince you that success is just around the corner, but only if you buy their product for some (your broke already) prices you know you can't afford. Some even promise immediate success and some 6-7 thousand digit income within a certain time. With their help of course!

How scammers work

What we don't realize is that this is the "GOTCHA" They are convincing you THEY know everything there is and they want to share it with the world, but only if the world is willing to pay. Lets just use an example price for this... say 299.99. Your the consumer, who is thinking.. "OMG! I will be RICH!" You dig into your savings, meaning... bill money you don't really have to spend and buy this 299.99 product. I know, I have done it! Smacks the forehead! But... But.. I was going to get RICH QUICK! Out of all my readers, in the comments below, write what you think that average amount of internet traffic is going to jump on this offer and buy it? Secondly, answer who you think the real person getting RICH is?

The reasons I use these two examples is to show you just where most internet fraud money goes. Lets say Fred is the person selling this product on the web. He does his magic tricks which you learn later and he gets about 10,000 visitors to his website every single day. He probably only runs this special for 3-4 days is all. Now, if only 3%, I know that's a low number, jumps on the product and buys it, Fred just made 300 sales per day. If he only had his site up for 3 days, that means that Fred sold 900 times. Fred just made 900 X 299.99 = $269,991 in just three days.

Where does the problem come from? The product is never what it is advertised for. The money back guarantees are hard to get refunded. Unless you bought through something like paypal. These guys like Fred, they don't just run 1 of these a day, they run thousands. Please, be very careful who you buy from and what they are promising you. The only person who can really stop a scammer is You!Β  I delve a lot deeper into scams at a later time.

Why this post

I wanted to let you all know that I can not "promise" that starting your website will always be free. The domain will cost you yearly to register and own it.
But there is good news! I can promise you that your hosting will always and forever be FREE!

You can use this site to practice on for free and change and redo and kill and scream at all you want till you learn what you want to learn! I am here as an ear
to help support you through it.

With lots of counts to 10! πŸ™‚ Hugs Eden

8 thoughts on “Start an Online Business for FREE”

    1. Steve, thank you for the comment. My whole site was built around not getting scammed. My poor father has been scammed twice by this tech support company. You know the ones that throw the Microsoft warning up on your screen that there is something wrong and to call them right away. Only, they aren’t microsoft and they have nothing but malcontent for you and your computer. These guys even went so far as doing whats called a Syslock on two of our computers. They just didnt realize they were dealing with someone who is an IT person and was able to repair both our computers without loosing a darn thing. I just want everyone to know to be careful in everything they do!

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